As A Sign Of Respect (Revised)

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As a sign of respect, I’m dedicating 2014 to the women that God has gifted to the blended, extended families of humanity’s culturally diverse global village. Since I am the “first man” my daughter will ever love, it’s my responsibility to lead by example. I  choose to love, honor, respect, and protect my baby girl and my wife, KWiz, with my life because as comedian, Mr. Steve Harvey, often says during his morning radio show, “That’s what real men do.

Whenever time permits, please participate in my year-long tribute to “man’s most valuable resource” by posting a comment about the books you’ve read that were written by and about women.  Hopefully, the men in your lives will do the same. Why?

We, as men, have so much to learn about the wise women God has commanded us to love unconditionally 24/7/365.   As evidenced by Ephesians 5:25-27 NASB, and Ephesians 5:33 NASB, isn’t it interesting that God did not ask women to do the same?

According to the Scriptures, God only asked the wives of men to “respect” their husbands. Do you ever wonder why? If not, reading, “Marital Love,” by Biblical Foundations For Freedom will challenge you to dig deeper into the reasons why God is challenging men to “earn” the respect of the wives in our lives.

Despite what one too many may believe, the men who have chosen to love, honor, and respect all women are hanging our ears on every powerful word you speak. Our hearts, minds, and arms are open as we both humbly and respectfully enter into your powerful presence. We see you!

We, as men, have a lot of work to do to repair the damage that’s been done by the words that have come forth out of our mouths. Matters not how much hearing the sobering truth that makes people free may hurt. We will not run away and hide in our man caves because we’re “here to stay.”

We will not defend, nor justify, our actions by scapegoating the “sins of other men.” We will not blame our misogynistic, dehumanizing, demeaning, demoralizing, devaluing, denigrating, and dishonorable behavior on what happened in times past. If we try, don’t hesitate to check us and if necessary, kick us to the curb until our actions speak louder than our words.

There’s a plethora of excellent books for women and men to read who still may not understand “how” to do better because they still don’t know better.  As always, the choice to seek wisdom and get understanding will keep you from falling to your knees with tears in your eyes while saying, “Baby, please don’t go!!

Yesterday is now history.  Wise women don’t care and don’t want to hear about what “so-n-so” did yesterday. Two wrongs don’t make it right. Today is a new day.  Women the world over are hurting today because of what’s still happening today. I’m challenging all men to simply say, “ I hear you!” whenever any woman chooses to challenge us, confront us, and constructively criticize us.

Difficult? Yes! Impossible? Not! Together, we can beat impossible odds and complete what may appear to be an impossible task with God’s help. Are you willing to try? For our women’s sake, I hope you will take the time to let our “unsung sheroes” know beyond the shadow of any doubt that we hear their cries for our help.

So men, let’s not blow it this time because we may never again get a second chance to earn the respect and the love of the women who birthed us, nurtured us, cared for us, raised us, supported us, stood by us, cried and died for us, paved the way for us, and saved us from ourselves when nobody but Jesus loved us in spite of ourselves.

During the month of June, I will give the women an equal opportunity to highlight the real men who have courageously risen to the occasion during what I honestly believe is yet another divinely ordained opportunity for women and men to experience tremendous personal growth.

How many of you believe leaders are made, not born? How many of you believe women are better leaders than men? Please feel free to elaborate so women and can engage one another in what I hope will become a mutually rewarding discussion.

Meanwhile, please keep praying, without ceasing, those fervent effective prayers that will availeth much for each of us as the next generation of leading men individually, and collectively face our fears and embrace Change.

The choice to spin from within and begin something new with our God-given gifts will test our faith in God, ourselves, and each other.  With God’s help, the mighty men in your lives will learn to respect “the power of a wise woman’s words” as our humbled souls turn in the refining fire of Adversity’s fiery furnace. We’re listening to you!

Copyright © 2007 ~ 2013 by Roderick O. Solomon. All Rights Reserved.

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Thank you for this awesome post; it definitely made my day. More women need to read it. Peace and Love.

Hello Vanessa,

You’re so very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

My favorite author at the present time is Carry Slee – a Dutch author.. She writes about real issues that children face.. I have recently become a fan..

Her Bio: The work of Carry Slee is unique in many ways. Since 1989 she has written seventy books and so far she has sold 4 million copies. Carry Slee has won the Price of the Dutch Kinderjury nine times and the Price of the Dutch Jonge Jury four times. Carry Slee writes for children of all ages. She writes in plain language which appeals to young people. In her books, she does not shy away from difficult subjects such as homosexuality, drug abuse or divorce. Because of her humoristic and easy going approach, her books are never heavy going. For her book Afblijven Carry Slee received the Prize of the Nederlandse Kinderjury (10-12 years) in 1999 and in 2000 the Prize of the Jonge Jury (12-15 years). In 2006 the first cross media youth film Afblijven, from the book by Carry Slee, was released in the cinemas.

This is a fabulous article!

Thank you so much for speaking on a topic that seems to be ignored lately!

I have linked this article on my site about finding a great guy!

thank you again!


[…] Thanks to Jennifer for pointing me to this amazing blog by a guy who is one of the few “REAL men” left on the planet. Some of his articles, like As a Sign of Respect, really blew me away. Standing “beside” every good man is a wise woman whose love inspired him to become a great man during a crucial age and critical stage of his personal development. Please note that this wise woman is not standing behind, nor in front of, the inspired man whose life she is enhancing. Why? […]

Hello Peety,

Thank you, for participating and taking the time to comment. I will research the prolific, critically acclaimed author of the book you’ve suggested.

So many great books. So little time to read them all.

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you, for the kinds words! I’m honored that you would choose to link this article to your site.

You are to be commended for what you’re doing to help heal the broken relationships between men and women.

We have a lot of work to do. It’s nice to know that somebody recognizes your efforts to make a difference.

Hello Soul Kadee,

I thank Jennifer for sharing my work with you. There are so many great men in the world who share my passion to love, honor, respect, and protect our women. Unfortunately, the media tends to focus on the bad apples who makes us all look bad.

In response, we are beginning to shine the spotlight on the plethora of great women and men who are being ignored by the mainstream media.

God willing, we will focus on the great men during the month of June who put me to shame. I’m constantly looking for mentors to teach me how to be a better man, friend, husband, and father.

Thank you, for stopping by and participating. If time permits, please submit a book title written by and about women to be added to our Bookstore.

thanks to soul kadee for pointing me to this wonderful post! beautiful.

What a beautifully written and refreshing post! Thank you for sharing from your heart a message that should be read and embraced by both women and men.

As a single Mom of an 11 year old boy, I vow to not allow music that degrades women(or men either for that matter) be played in my home or car. I hear anout the UK banning inappropriate videos, songs, movies. I applaude a society that honors a value system that supports respect for one another than allow the downers of society insult others. Freedom of speech or society’s abuse of emotion upon one another? I get the freedom of speech, but where does it stop? I don’t get how we can have rape scenes in movies or tv and call it entertainment. We have our way.

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