An Inspirational Story About Personal Leadership

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An Inspirational Story About Personal Leadership

The optimistic attitude of an innocent child too young to know what lies ahead inspires a defeated man who has lost his passion to dream, to write, to live.  For the first time in ten years, a proactive, critically thinking stroke survivor rises to his feet and precariously stands on atrophied legs now too weak to walk.  Nevertheless, this writer tosses his hat back into the revolving ring of personal responsibility while there’s still time to make a difference in his grandson’s life.

Something stirring deep within the heart of his gifted soul inspires this talented wordsmith to hammer out the conclusion to a book he began writing by hand when a Bible, a bus pass, and a box of instant oatmeal were all the material things he owned.   Despite the great fall he survived, his three grandsons choose to believe in him.   Their father, a stern, strict disciplinarian, recalls the day that reading an inspirational story about personal leadership gives his eldest sons reasons to remain hopeful during a defining moment in their lives.

Their wise mother, a nationally known educator, devises an innovative way to pass on the family’s literary legacy of faith, hope, and love to her beloved manchild.   What happens next challenges three generations of fallen, imperfect men to do something that may surprise you.   For reasons the author has yet to reveal, they honestly believe the one to whom little appears given will learn how to use his vivid imagination to master the art of “moving mental mountains™.”

Copyright © by Roderick O. Solomon.  All Rights Reserved.

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